01 August 2011

world shift

can you feel it coming?

i'm not sure what it is either.
maybe its just the move back to pocatello in less than 2 weeks.
the fact that i dont appreciate any clothing trends right now.
the fact that right now, i might like to pick up my asics more than my score.
i hate to admit that.

i dont know, i can feel things changing.
scary a little.

till i remember that A is always here.


  1. The world is changing because I get to see you soon!!! Yay!! we can make it through school together! Me you and Lindsey!

  2. there is no shame in not wanting to pick up your music. Summer break happens for a reason. We need a break from music. I SO don't want to go back and it's not even real school this fall, it's music major lite.

  3. thanks nan. i cant believe that i'm so unmotivated that i dont even want to pretend to be motivated. ha.