03 August 2011

public service announcement

last night, A and i discussed the possibility that we'll both need a course in drivers ed when we get back to Idaho.
I wrote about the driving in this post last year, but this year, we're just as bad as every single Virginian.

we knew what to expect and got a little crazy
so now:
blinker, not used
crossing 5 lanes at the last second to get to the exit..no big deal
uturns all.the.time.
middle fingers road rage
speed limit: optional
4 people running any given red light. us being the fifth

so come august 18, if someone cuts you off in a black hyundai, flys the bird, runs a red or any other manner of shanagain, try to forgive us. we will be re-training ourselves.

and please dont turn us in.
the police here are busy with shootings and wrecks in the tunnel.
we'll need all the slack we can get, save those bored pocatello police are not waiting in an alley to pull us over for going 25 over

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  1. hahhahahah this post is nothing but TRUTH on my part too!