23 January 2011

See? I am a valid human being.

Because I once had a song written about me. Story: When I was in 9th grade, I had this kindof boyfriend. We were 'going out'. You know, where you have sort of claim on each other till someone gets bored and writes you a note in second hour to be passed to you in third by a good friend? This was back when people were lucky to have a relationship last 2 weeks. Such the best. I was the sort of fifteen year old that needed to be different to make up for the fact that mom and dad would not buy me clothing from Abercrombie. So I cut my hair in a ridiculous fashion and dyed it black. I listened to music that made my parents roll their eyes, exchange disgusted looks and pray that it was ' just a phase'. You would have called me emo. {Obviously these details are slightly embarrassing as I really had nothing to be emo about other than teen agnst. Feel free to judge me.} At this time in my life, people liked to form bands and play at 'shows'. They would basically compete to be the band that you most definitely could not tell what words were being used, (or if it was in English) among the death sounds emitted from the lead 'singers' mouth. My kindof boyfriend was in one of these bands. I'm pretty sure from here you know the story. We broke up, via (I cant remember but I'm guessing) written message passed by a friend and he being heartbroken, wrote a sweet symphony about the perfect being I am and of course we got back together and got married. Almost. Actually, I must have done something wrong (again I couldn't tell you what..i've erased all of junior high from my memory) because the song was titled 'Mel is a B****'. Obviously we had a very troubled relationship and probably should have been seeing a counselor, but us emo kids had to write it out (or cut it out..though I never did that, so we're clear). Eventually though, we made amends and were friends and the lyrics got changed to 'Mel is an..Amazing Person'. I was even lucky enough to hear the band play it in concert later that year. It was an amazing song of course, although sadly, I was unable to distinguish actual words amid violent screams and amped up overpowering guitars.

So, anytime I feel that I am of no worth, that he's better and she's prettier, I remember that I was special enough to be subject of a hardcore anthem. I bet you cant say that much.

Oh and p.s. we did not get married. I dont really know where he is, although I believe we are facebook friends?


  1. Hahahahahaha Mel, I totally remember alll of this! We were so alike, except for nobody wrote a song for me. haha
    I had the most awkward dream with your back then kind of boyfriend. I'll have to tell you about it! hahaha. Oh man. 9th grade was good to us.

  2. Makes me laugh. I too had a penchant for teenage rockers and I too had one or two songs written on my behalf...not necessarily love ballads...at all. Oh well, maybe one of those boys will be famous one day and their (I mean "our") song will be a number 1 hit on the radio. That would be an awesome conversation starter.

  3. i love this story more than anything... also... good job in studio. Thanks for bringing a little musical theater into the mix. :)