01 April 2015


The last two months have been incredible. I'm not sure whose life i'm living. Surely it cant be mine.

The last time i wrote, my future was pretty uncertain. Plans, ideas, but nothing solid. Here is what has happened:

Way back in February, I went to URTA's. Basically a huge audition for those actors who want to keep going the educational route and work toward an MFA. A HUGE and supremely smart step for becoming fantastic onstage. I had been preparing for months. By far the most important audition i had been to thus far. So of course my flight was cancelled and naturally i missed the auditions. Well, I missed the Chicago auditions. Luckily, the auditions take place over a few weeks so i caught up in San Fran. I was frazzled and crazy and the auditions went okay. The big audition, that is. I auditioned separately for a non affiliated program right before I went into my actual URTA audition. I killed the first audition because I didnt really give two shits. The school was too expensive and i was using it as my warm up. Didnt really work for me though because the actual audition was pretty..meh. Not bad at all. Just not fantastic. Highlights of the trip include chinatown, plum wine, moisurizer made from REAL GOLD that a hustler on the street convinced me I need. I still think i need it, but i am $500 short. Meeting a handsome actor. A Callback with my first choice for school: FSU/ ASOLO. Lowlights include hugely bombing a callback from University of Houston and looking like a major fucktard. Losing a copy of the Hobbit on the flight. And turbulent skies. It was fantastic.

A few weeks later, i headed to unified auditions in Orem. You show up with an audition and beg someone to hire you during the summer while the rest of Utah and Idaho relocates to sell security. I had the flu. The accompanist invented an interesting tempo and I couldnt sing to save my life. I also got in a HUGE screaming match that afternoon with my awful best friend who i simultaneously hate and adore at exactly the same time. I didnt get many callbacks and I kept using the phrase 'ACTOR that sings'. Not a great day.

BUT it didnt matter because my next trip was NEW YORK CITY. As the city does with many, it stole my heart and refuses to give it back. Our showcase was incredible. We performed very well. If you need someone to be proud of, let it be the 10 of us that went. 10 clueless idaho kids and our frazzled Mary Poppins of an acting professor. Thank god for her by the way. We'd all be stuck doing community theatre if homegirl hadn't shown up a few years ago with her carpet bag full of talent, beauty, grace and experience in the industry. But seriously, we performed on 42nd street and New York didn't implode. We didn't actually suck! I stayed with a friend and experienced the city as a local. I saw mindblowing theatre...and some that straight sucked. I shopped in the village and hung out at the strand. I ate ramen and rode the subway at 3 in the morning. I also decided that I'd buy a one way there in no less than 6 months.

So here's what came out of these last few months:

I booked a trip to California to see said cute actor and take a vacation. (I had so much fun, btw. West coast best coast. Not really, but i totally vibe with SoCal)

A cool acting company was a teeny bit interested in me after they saw me perform in NY.

That little audition in San Fran that was killer? Yeah, it was with a conservatory called Stella Adler. They accepted me to their acting program in New York. HOLY SHIT.

Also, I cant go. I cant afford it. But damn. I got in!

I got hired by the Neil Simon festival for this summer. I'm a professional!

And after Neil Simon, I'll work for a few more months and then i'm buying that one-way ticket to the city that holds my heart.

Like i said, whose life is this?

I'm finally done hanging out in rock bottom.


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