24 September 2012

sometimes life throws a wrench.
A really bad wrench.

and sometimes we surprise ourselves.

Alan lost his job last week {on my birthday to be exact}
and it was a pretty low blow to our little family.

Even though its been hard to wrap our heads around the changes we'll need to make,
we're both doing pretty well given the circumstances.

Al's already got some leads on jobs and some plans to make ends meet.

I guess when the worst happens all you can do is pick yourself up.

It's difficult thinking about not being able to afford the roof over our heads and the food that nourishes us, let alone clothes, makeup and orange cream slushes...


I'm not saying its easy, or that i dont cry.
i cry all the time when things are going well....
clearly my tear quota has doubled.


we're okay.

and i'm not big on getting all mushy and spiritual here.

but we know who's helping us and honestly, if we didnt have God to turn to, we wouldnt be doing very well.

Things happen for a reason.

We're just trading something good for something fantastic.

peace and love bloggers:)


  1. Ah. I love you ma. Hope things are getting better! You just wait, something good always comes from our trials.

  2. I am so sorry Melissa that sucks! You guys will make it though because you are awesome!