28 July 2011

a trip to washtington dc

{a restaurant on the potomac}

yesterday we had the great fortune to drive up to the district. can i just say that i am absolutely smitten with dc? it has the coolest vibe. we spent most of our time in less touristy areas, but we did venture into the mall a bit. dc is such a beautiful place, even outside the monumental wonders in the heart of the district.

clockwise from right: georgetown cupcakes menu. a quirky sign in georgetown.
our dc cupcakes. and me with our cute cupcake bag.

a delicious margerita pizza from pizzaria paradiso.
it was authentic italian and so tasty


first from the top: Holocaust museum. very stunning, not to mention crazy big. i'm a little obsessed with the Holocaust and found it so heartbreaking and unbelievable.
second from the top: WWII memorial


the lincoln memorial. very cool to see in real life.

this place was on capital hill. talk about good fries. and they had mango mayo, which sounds scary, but is real good on fries. i'm a little in love with capital hill. the houses are so cute and quaint.


a and i got to go through a session at the dc temple. it is so beautiful. i wish the pictures did it justice. and dont mind me with my eyes closed. its how i do.


we stopped at pinkberry on our way out of town because it was probably second on my list of things to do...nevermind arriving at home at 3:00 am. i really like frozen yogurt, but in idaho the fad is a cool setup and not a great product. i love the original fro yo. it was unreal. you may think you like frozen yogurt, but this is just a different experience. for 120 calories ;)

we adore dc. we will be back


  1. I envy your life. seriously, DC?! And that dress?! Shut up!

  2. so glad you got to go to dc. looove it there. i must try the 120 calorie original!