13 May 2010

10 things I've learned about Virginia

1. I'm pretty sure the roads here aren't supposed to make sense. They swerve like, a lot, and two bisecting roads can have the same name.
2. Just because you (I) can drive and navigate successfully through Salt Lake City, does not mean you can navigate to Walmart in Norfolk. Least of all without a GPS.
3. You can count to 5 after a light turns green before you can actually step on the gas. (Why?)-->
4. Welcome to the state of 'Just ridin' the coattails.' Nearly 5 people go through every "yellow" light here.
5. Black and White people are each an even 50% here. My first grocery shopping trip was a huge culture shock. I am not racist, p.s.
6. All of the sudden, you're on a freeway.
7. People here do not know where Idaho is.
8. Humid. I walked around the Ghent District yesterday in 80 degree weather with high high high humidity...I literally had sweat dripping down my back while i was waiting for my frappucino at Starbucks. (Coffee free of course!! Also, it was a frozen drink...)
9. Speed on the freeway is monitored by AIRCRAFT. Thus, everyone SPEEDS!
10. Lastly (and most importantly learned on my first day here when we nearly escaped a fatal car accident): There is one traffic law in Virginia...don't get in a wreck.

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  1. East Coast is so different than what we're used to! NC is the same way! And please tell me you got a Vanilla Bean Frapp?! Those are my fav, and now I'm craving one!!