06 May 2011


Alan and I both finished up classes on Thursday and today was Alans graduation ceremony:)
I'm super excited and proud of his hard work...and a little jealous that he's done.

It's been a crazy semester and school year. It's had its ups and downs but there are a few people I want to shout out for making things bearable and even fun!

The rest of this post is just a bunch of thank you's and shoutouts that mostly just make me feel really good. I would be so ungrateful not to express gratitude for the amazing people that have been placed in my life. Feel free to skip.

First. I could not have made it through this year without Alan. He's been my shoulder to cry on and my driving force to keep on pushing through.

Second. My inlaws. They put us up in their house and never once said anything about the messes we leave around or drinking all their water bottles. We promise that when we get back from Virginia we'll only stay for like, 2 weeks. Seriously.

Third. My family. My parents have been such a big support to Alan and I. They are there to comfort us, help with monetary issues {medical bills. woof} and cook sunday dinner whenever we come up. We miss both of our families a whole bunch when we leave, but its nice to know that they support what we do.

Fourth. The friends I've made this year. And there are 3 girls in particular that have made a huge difference in my academic life. You know who you cray ladies are;) In January, I prayed so often that I could make some friends that I could be myself with, that shared my same values and understood how rough school can be. I'm going to miss you all over the summer!!

Fifth. I have to thank anyone who has helped me become more athletic and healthy this semester. Without even knowing it, my amazing spinning teacher, Carrie, wore down my mental block. I have gained a lot of mental strength working with her. Alan has worked to help me swim better and made it possible for me to do the tri. And I must give myself a little credit. I've pushed my limits. I never thought I would run a 5K race, let alone run it for fun a few times a week.

Sixth. There is a lady in my life that has misunderstood me as I've misunderstood her. It dawned on me a few weeks ago how much she really knows. She thinks that I dont care for her her, but she doesn't know what she's done for me. I see that now.

Happy summer:)


  1. I love you. I'm glad that the Lord answered your prayers, because I know that being around people without the same values is so frustrating. You are amazing melissa. I am going to miss you over the summer and I really do hope you know I love and admire you.

  2. I am going to miss you this summer! Have fun girlie!