01 May 2011

Late night plans

I usually am a little upset about Sunday nights
Around 10:30 they whisper: "weekend's over. get in bed, or suffer tomorrow."
Finals week starts tomorrow and lucky for me, I have no tests tomorrow.
Or class.
Or obligations. {besides studying}
So I can stay up as late as I feel like.
Maybe to you, that just sounds like every night of your life.
Nothing spesh.
But I always have sugarplums dancing in my head when I imagine what my special late night will entail.
I always make plans in my head about all the cool stuff we'll do.
Tonight, we'll go longboarding when it gets late enough.
Then, we'll hit eFresh for a sammie and fries.
Then, well stay up late and talk and giggle and have a slumber party.
And then, I remember:
I am married which means that I have lost the ability to stay up late and live to tell about it the next morning.
This also means that we will both invariably turn into werewolves when the clock strikes midnight.
Unless we're sleeping.
Its just liberateing to know that if I wanted to, I could stay up all night..
and suffer no repercussions.

Its 11:23 pm and I'm feeling pretty great.
On the other hand, Al is asleep next to me on the couch.

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  1. Ha ha so true! I love reading your blog Melissa :)