03 April 2011


Unfortunately for you all, when I have alot on my mind, things dont get written on here.
We're in the midst of deciding our fate {or rather, what to do for the summer, which could decided our fate. ish}, and as life would have it, the decisions don't come easy.

Also unfortunately for you reader[s], I'm a private person , especially if things aren't set in stone. I promise that I'm not trying to make my blog reflect my life in a perfect light, but I have a hard time drawing the line between having a fun blog and keeping it honest. I feel that my honest feelings can be very personal, harsh, and definitely not for public forum. I also struggle with social networking because while I value having the resources, but am so bothered with the way they are misused. I hope to never be that person. I do value my privacy because I realize that there are probably people reading this that really dont have any business doing so, but I really dont want to privatize this because I like having readers {especially my mother in law and her stalker ladies}.

Anyway, this is the long drawn out explanation of me simply saying that I've got a lot on my mind, I'm not ready to share and I hope that holding back all the intimate details of my life doesn't come across that I'm inventing a life that doesn't exist.

love you.

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  1. lady. I do indeed stalk you. aaaand if you need to chit chat...i'm here for ya.