27 March 2011

A secret for you, my loyal reader.

You've been very good.
So I want to let you in on a little secret.

I want tatoos.
On my arm.
and finger.
maybe foot.
Very untrashy...sortof.

So There. Its out.

But I know better.
However, if i didnt, I would love to color on my skin permanently.

It would be so great. I get dressed in the morning with the idea that what I wear today should be different.
It needs to stand out.
With tattoos, I wouldnt need to use my clothes to express myself [I still would]. I'd have my expression on my skin.

The only problem {besides that I would never do this} is that if i decided to get one, I wouldnt be able to choose what. I dont even particularly like the way i dressed last year, so I really cant expect to put something permanent on my skin and be satisfied for years to come.

So i guess it all comes full circle. I wont get one, but i want one.
If i could get one, I probably wouldnt.

I'm very weird.

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