23 March 2011

Because when the weather changes, I want a change

Spring is here {sort of}. With each new season, I feel myself thirsting for change as well.
I think I may start with a trench. And maybe I can be as cute as ms. Leighton. Seriously, gorge.

Also, I'm getting a cosmetic thing done. I dont want to reveal yet becuase I totes want you to see if you can tell the difference. Not that big of a deal. No surgery involved.

My hair needs a change, but I cant come up with anything satifactory, except to let it keep growing. So i guess I will let my hair be. For now.

A healthy body. Which is already coming your way with the triathlon i mentioned a while ago. I'm not putting big weight or size stipulations on myself because I dont think its necesarry and it can be unhealthy.I am natually a healthy eater, but working out and pushing myself is hard for me. I've changed my workout to be more about what I accomplish and not just the time i put in. Through this, my body is transforming and my muscles look and feel great. I feel really good and this triathlon is going to be something I'll be proud of.

Eyebrows. Bushy and beautiful is in style. I'm growing them out baby. And if that sounds sick, just wait. They will be tender.

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