10 October 2010

about us: alan and melissa

The facts:
wed 1.2.10

from idaho.
but we've been gypsies and moved around the country.
to virginia.
however, we currently reside in Idaho.

point of view: it's me, melissa.
i am the author.
Alan is mostly along for the ride, and i air our dirty laundry via blogger.
i like to tell stories, talk about things i like, things we do etc.

I go to school as a theater major.
i started out in music and switched things up.
I do have a minor in music for my troubles, so i suppose that's something.
i am a singer. working on the actor part.
my dream: the b-way, baby.
I am in love with improv work. working on that too.

Alan works for Idaho Central Credit Union.
he's pretty impressive.
He's the guy over social media and the likes.
he speaks spanish, has an amazing body and is smart smart smart.
he is a swimmer and a longboarder and a newfound disc golf lover.

oh yes, and we're in love.

☮ lovers :)

contact: nielkarl@isu.edu
twitter: missmeliss_b

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