10 October 2010

10.10.10 things

Fact one: I wish I was 20 lbs lighter.

Fact two: Need: Chanel Chance Parfum..the amber colored one.

Fact three: Picture of fridays thrift outfit will be potsted eventually. Pinky proomise.

Fact four: You know what? I danced today. I liked it.

Fact five: I'm really into lists.

Fact six: I miss my family.

Fact seven: I've been having an affair with Chamomile tea lately.

Fact eight: We got Netflix a few days ago. Best investment ever. (for alans parents...:)

Fact nine: I wish I had time to meditate. It makes me crazy, but I want to master it.

Fact 10: I need a weekend from the weekend. If that doesnt make sense, I'll put it this way..this coming week is not welcome.

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