07 October 2010


I few weeks ago I was mourning my drab closet and wishing I could add some pieces to my wardrobe. Alan and I drove to IDaho Falls and bought me a pair of flats, a tank top and a skirt.
That same week I began to lament again. I had worn those items and ended back at stupid square one. And this time I didn't want to blow an extensive amount of money.

enter Melissa and Alan at the Pocatello DI.

and Nothing has been the same since.

I've been on a thrifting kick and I've come up with some amazing items.
I will be posting my outfits that include these wonderful thrifted clothing articles.
I am just a little proud of my finds.
I guess putting together interesting outfits is a hidden talent!
Here is the first picture that I've gotten around to taking.

CAPE sweater: (emphasis on the cape, because that thing is beeyatchin!)
Idaho Youth Ranch $3.75
Shirt: H&M
Pants: True Religion Outlet
Shoes: Macys
Bangles: H&M

So much more to come. You cannot even imagine tomorrow's outfit. Here's to Friday. and the DI.

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  1. I hate that you always find the goods at the D.I. and outlet stores! Because I never find anything! I've always been jealous of that talent of yours. hahaha