09 June 2010

Some Childhood..

1. Where did you grow up?
Boise, Id- From the time I was 2 until just before my tenth birthday. We then moved to Idaho Falls and I lived there for about ten years, where I graduated college.

2. Do you consider your childhood a happy one?
I think it would break my parents heart to hear me say it wasn't up to par, but I was the center of a lit of anger. I don't think I was a bad kid, but somehow I dont think I was up to par for my parents. Also, the move from Boise to Idaho Falls was jarring. The kids in Idaho Falls were not nice to me and I suffered from a low self-esteem. I try not to place blame, but I feel that my current issues date back to people making fun of me then. I still got made fun of in high school, and I never seemed to fit in, or matter to anyone.(1)

3. Do you have any siblings?
Two little sisters that are both wayy younger than me. But they are growing up and are pretty bomb!

4. Who did you think was the smartest person in the world?
I grew up learning about God. I learned he created everything. Although I couldnt put that together when I was super young, I think I always knew.
5. Did you ever run away from home?
Sometimes, if my mom was mad at us, me and my sister would go outside to the backyard and play that we were running away and living in a fort (a play house/ jungle gym). We would sneak back into the house to get food, or pick premature vegetables (that would get us into further trouble later on) while pretending we were 'hunting'. We had such amazing imaginations.

6. What about being a child do you miss the most?
I miss when a good day entailed going swimming and getting an Icy and maybe rollerblading/ riding bikes with the neighbour kids.

7. Where did your family go on vacation?
We drove to Boise alot after we moved. We've also been to California a number of times.

8. What is something you really wish you hadn't started earlier in life?
I wish I would have gained confidence and believed in myself. Things might have turned out different.

9. Did you have any serious accidents or illnesses as a child?
I broke my arm when I was realllllly little. I barely remember that. As a baby I had some crazy allergies but basically, I was a pretty heathy kid.

10. Did you have any nicknames?
Well, my mom really wanted Karmel to stick, but it did not, thankfully.
I was known as Mel by many.
11. Name 5 school days accomplishments.
  1. I won the Science fair in 5th grade and got 2nd place the next year
  2. Because of the food fight I helped initiate, soup no longer was on the menu.
  3. I got a B in Geometry. For me, that is so impressive.
  4. Volleyball and Basketball..um I played both? I guess that's an accomplishment.
  5. I was best female vocalist my Senior year of high school.
12. What stories have been told about yourself as a baby?
None that I feel the need to type out.

13. Did religion/church play a part in your childhood social activities?
Yes, girls camp was a summer bawl fest that I wanted no part of activity.

14. What objects do you remember from your childhood?
Oh my here we go:

(1) ok sorry, this is so not a pity party. ITs just how it is.


  1. Ma! Number two made me cry. I'm really glad you moved to IF, because we had some great mem's, and I definitely wouldn't be who I am today had I not known you.
    I didn't know that you won best female vocalist your senior year! That's so awesome! I wish I could say I accomplished something that amazing.
    And lastly, Polly Pockets?! Holla!! I remember going over to Ashley Oseen's house and playing those for hours with you guys! Pretty sure I played with them well into my teen years.. Guilty.

  2. Ha MA you are so tender. I am so glad we are friends. You've always been someone I can count on.

    And Hi! The Oseens had THE BEST toys to play with. They had so freaking many! I loved it. They also had play mobile which was amazing because those were so expensive

    looooove it!

  3. i remember when we would play outside and *run away* and live on top of the shed or in a fort :) haha i miss it...