08 June 2010


I am one of those people that likes something, and when it becomes popular, I want to dislike it, just because of it's popularity (such as...Twilight..).

That said, I think I am just a little annoyed with Glee.

I can't say that I will stop watching, but seeing every other facebook status somehow revolving around Glee makes me want to vomit. I realize that this sort of attitude annoys most people. BUT It's some defect of my mind that I won't cant control. (1)

*I will admit, the finale was better than the whole post- hiatus first season.

(1) Just like the time The Office got popular or Harry Potter became a cult or when dressing like the mannequins at Urban Outfitters meant that you were individualistic and creative and maybe smokeed the occasional joint even though its no different than buying the exact clothes that the Abercrombie mannequins are outfitted in.

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