11 June 2010


...of buying a candy jar, filling it with candy, and pretending that Alan would be eating most of it..
...of pretending celebrity gossip is disinteresting, but reading this daily. (and loving it)
...of not practicing for probably 3 weeks.
...of thinking I will probably suck next semester. ( I will, if I don;t get my butt in gear)
...of wanting to do something amazing with my hair, but never going through.
...of watching too much TV.
And LAstly,
Very Very Guilty of ever looking like this:

yes...those are teal jeans


  1. Ha ha!! Don't worry in the 9th grade I cut my hair into a faux hawk because I wanted to look cool like... Claire Barr! Yep, that's right. I copied Claire. Guilty.

    ..and it didn't even turn out like hers!

  2. ..and Claire always did the coolest stuff. The phases we have one through are HIGHlarious.