11 May 2010


  • I am getting stir-crazy.
  • I really did download a 'Thats What She Said' app.
  • Gushers in the pantry are calling my name, but I am holding off.
  • I started missing school today.
  • Is the name of one of my favorite characters from A.D.
  • Something must be wrong if I'm already missing school.
  • 10 hours is too long for Alan to be gone every day.
  • I am secretly scared to go out in the city today, with a girl i dont know and a city that confuses me.
  • I got an A in Theory...
  • I didn't.
  • i beg Alan for a pup at least twice everyday
  • More so now that I'm alone most of the day
  • I have never been so anxious and excited to find a job.
And Lastly,
I miss everyone at home a whole lot!


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