09 May 2010

Our tender little road trip

We made it to Virginia and had a blast (sort of) doing it! Here are some pictures from the past few days:

The weather in Pocatello when we left. Snow flurries...blech.

A Sheep hearding in Wyoming...typical?

Crazy, crazy storm all through Nebraska. Its safe to say that Nebraska is the worst state in the Union.

St. Louis Arch. Super cool.

The Great Missisip! Ol' Miss

A cool bridge in Kentucky. And surprisingly, no Hillbilly sighting.

Finally, our new place in Va. This is our kitchen. and P.s. we LUUURve it:)

Our bedroom..messy and not a very accurate picture of the space we finally have!

Our bathroom. We are so excited about the 9ft. ceilings!

Apologies for the not so amazing pictures...they were taken with my iPhone. Also, I was not feeling super artistic in these photos, they may or may not have bored me while posting this. Regardless, we drove through 11 states in 3 days. No doubt that we feel accomplished. And tired. And possibly a little homesick. And I am panicked as per usual, only this time because my surroundings are so unfamiliar. But virginia is so beautiful and truly paradise.

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  1. So jealous you're in Virginia. I want to go back to the East Coast, it's so beautiful! Hope you have a fun summer. Miss you ma.