18 May 2010

I like...

My musical
notation. As seen above. It's mine.

Also, I like that we have a washer and dryer to ourselves (but this makes a cooler picture and thus blogpost)

I like that I have been working out. It gives me something to do and I look better so I can fit into these new capris that I bought (online of course)
I am of course going to look as great as the model does. Practically my same body..


  1. We live right behind Edwards Theatre off Hitt. it's great. Smaller, but great. I heard you moved too. Where are you at?

  2. YAY! Not too far from where I grew up. We moved to Virginia Beach. Just a sumer gig, and them back to school. A nice break from Pocatello:)

  3. I saw those pants in the VS magazine and now I desperately need them. And I envy your music talents and abilities. You are pretty much amazing.