18 May 2010

Getting back in touch

I'm pretty positive that in the past year, I've made some huge life changing decisions and I feel like maybe I have been mostly numb through the past 365 days or so. Something changed in me last summer and I hadnt been able to put a finger on it. I started getting ill frequently and having some weird issues and mostly going through the motions of living but being stuck on the outside.

Today it struck me. As I visited a website i used to frequent, I realized what's been missing. I sat on our couch with tears streaming at a ridiculous rate as I listened to The Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre. I realized I had stopped listening to the music in my life. I stopped loving my music. I stopped letting it move me. I stopped expressing myself with music. I began to take amazing works for granted. I let the music theory and performance pressures and hectic college life ruin something very close to me. Sure, I had been eating, drinking, sleeping music, but I wasn't listening to it.

Now, let me interject and say that I realize that no one likes this genre of posts. It's my least favorite thing to read blog posts about people's problems and about really personal things that should be left to a personal journal and not put on the internet for anyone and everyone. Totally a pet peeve. And while i realize this, I also realize that I have something to share with anyone who comes across this.

Never make the mistake of not listening to the music.

Seriously, Dont stop.

Also, here is a decent recording of the Seal Lullaby. So simple and beautiful

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