19 May 2010


Today I ventured out to the mall of Norfolk. As I was hunting down swim trunks for AlMcFAl, the sales girl and I got to talking. Then, it happened. She caught sight of this bracelet that I made. Pictured are some of the same variety. {Many of the buttons are old antique ones that are from my grammas house. Some are from drug stores. The string is just hemp.} I could tell she freaking loved it and wanted one so bad. I was trying to show her how I made it and ended up giving her the bracelet. She was such a sweet girl and i could tell it really meant alot to her. (ok so its kindof not that big of a deal, but it made me feel really really good inside.)

☮ & ♥

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  1. Look at you, Miss Artsy! I love those bracelets and would love to buy one! I just wish I could be as crafty and brilliant as you, and come up with some cute idea.