28 March 2010

Some Spring Breakage

So like, I'm pretty bad at remembering to take pictures. And also I debate on what anyone would even think is interesting which accounts for poor blogger attendance. Not sure why I still blog, actually. But I find myself here every once in a while with something to report..so here it is: Spring Break Holla! (ok well, its actually over) but spring break was really really great! And there are pictures!

First, we flew to France. This is us at the Eiffel.

Then, we rode rollercoasters! Fun!
Also, we layed on the beach. I got a killer tan!

Mhhm. If you were fooled by that, you either need an eye appointment or an introduction to Mac capabilities. (I mean, Alans parents family room is half of the Eiffel tower. HAHAHA) Obviously we fool around on photo booth and really just stayed home and cleaned our apartment. And I might have been doing some Junior Standing related research or re-watching Juno for the 1000th time. BUT, we did have a blasty blast this week. We DID clean our house and sleep in 'till noon most days. We DID chill(ax) and rent movies. And eventually we got our A's out of town for Alans APX certification in Provo. And I will admit that I have never had a better time in utah..probably. (AAAND, in normal Melissa fashion, there are not many pictures to prove it.)
Alan's training left me with alot of empty hours. Thankfully, the infamous and most dedicated of my readers, Ali K. Walker lives in Provo. So empty hours turned into very full hours.
First and foremost, we busted out them wallets and had ourselves a little shopping spree(ish)
I bought some new vans. How about the color. Tender!

We went to a birthday dinner where we bought eachother a sammy. YUmM!
And then saturday....We went to the festival of colors. WE covered ourselves with chalk and "celebrated variety". I really, really had a great time.

Me and Alan finished off our weekend looking at cars and we found one. I'll leave you peeps in suspense until we go pick it up. Im sure i will supply you with a beautiful, slightly shorter blog.


  1. The pictures of your 'Spring Break' cracked me up! And I'm in love with those vans.. oh and you. I'm in love with you. haha

  2. Thanks Ma! Spring break is always so crazy HA!