31 March 2010

Hyundai Sonata

We bought one. And its black.
Hooray for cars that run!

On another unrelated note, I feel like my post rant a few weeks ago was a little harsh. I dont take any of it back, but I probably shouldn't be so vocal here, lest one of the subjects of my rant stumbles upon my blog.

And from the looks of it, i might be grateful for these people come this summer. I met some of the wives going out to Virginia with Alan's office this summer. Let's just say they're all really well off, well dressed, and well, probably not my first choice of friends. I am still excited though, it will be an adventure, but just saying...

1 comment:

  1. I want a new car! And good luck this summer, I'll be hanging around the 'summer sales' crew too, so I feel your pain. haha

    And the little chair on the side of your blog that says, "Sit and stay a while" cracked me up. That is totally something you would have on your blog. I just love you!