17 March 2010

A certain Cassie and I were having a conversation on Tuesday, before Aural Skills. After hearing a certain story about a million times (all before 10 'o clock am), I mentioned that I am really bothered with the way our music students feel they need to showcase themselves. Myself and Cassie came to the conclusion that people in the Idaho State Music Department are kindof a little bit....braggy, to put it nicely.

{Alan has also mentioned that he's impressed with me for not hitting anyone at school yet.
I have 2 1/2 years left though. There's still time.}

So to you braggarts...like, what if you stopped braggin'?

You dont hafta tell us about your spring break destination 11 million times. Chances are, we know from your facebook status. Just because your voice teacher is a Friedly, doesn't mean you are a better singer. It means we got put into different studios as a freshman, randomly. (Besides, some of the voices in Lane's studio: are you kidding me?? HAve you ever heard Teaira Burge rock out? She's freaking amazing. I would like to mention as well, Nanette Nielson. Her voice is so lush. Who cares if you can fit into size 6 pants? I kindof REALLY don't. WHy do you feel the need to mention it in theory class like, once a week? Again, we've heard about it...via facebook. Ed vs. Performance doesn't mean that much. I don't appreciate voice teachers or students for that matter handing out compliments such as "Wow. THAt performance was great! You totally didn't sound like an education major. MESSED UP..mmk?. THere are plenty of us in education that sound wayyy better than performance. just saying.

Anyway...im done ranting. for now. I think i needed to get out some fusstration, as Junie B. Jones would say.


  1. Hey Melissa! Hope you don't mind me blog stalking you...

    Congrats (very belated..sorry) on the marriage! Apparently we have something in common...our men are both going to be salesmen this summer! However, you get to go to pretty Virgina Beach, should be sweet! My fiance is selling apex this summer too, but we're going to Fort Worth...TEXAS. ick, but should be fun! We'll have to swap apex stories, perhaps? Hope all is well for you!

    Caitlin McQuain

    P.S. I'm minoring in music performance, and I SO know how that goes. I've heard people say that students go on the ed. route because they can't perform...I've wanted to throw a few punches myself, and then dare them to even TRY education. If you ask me, education is way MORE challenging, because anyone can learn to perform, but it takes a gift to teach. So, I bow to your music prowess.

  2. Cait! You so made my day commenting on this. I was feeling a little harsh about what i wrote...but music people can be so mean!Thats super rad that you are minoring in performance! Its so fun and so so rewarding.

    And hey, Texas will be hot hot hot and you'll get a prettty tan.

    Also, I dont think i ever congratulated you on getting married! Its soooo fun. I looked at your pictures on facie and you guys are superrrr cute! YAY!

  3. This certain Cassie is now smiling! I feel the same way. Even on the instrumental side of things. It still seems like it is the ed vs. performance majors, when it shouldn't be. You're my favorite, just sayin'! :)