04 September 2009

Craziest week. of my life? i believe so.

So So much craziness in my life. Wedding plans have already put their ugly little claws into my schedule along with some crazy hard music classes. Sophomore year is NOT a breeze. BUTTTTTTTT something very very very exciting happened to me and i now finally have some time to share it. I MADE ISU'S CHAMBER CHOIR!!!!!!! This is the very most elite choir at our univerity and there is no doubt in my mind, the best choir in the state. I sing in it. Alto II. And i am the only sophomore girl in the ensemble. I screamed, literally screamed, when i found out. and just so you know..i am NOT a screamer (insert dirty joke here). Ultimately this means i will be a very very stressed out version of myself, but it is so worth it. I especially felt this way when we busted out Whitacres 'Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machiene' on thursdays rehearsal. Exciting. and thats all i got. but, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

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