20 September 2009


So, every year ISU's Concert choir goes on a little retreat called Camp Kumbayah. And thus, this weekend 60 choral singers from pocatello found themselves in southernish idaho in the mountain/hills. And let me tell you. It WAS A BLasTY bLASt. Funny, because i had a bad attitude about it a little bit. It kindof fell on my 20th birthday and really, i was not jazzed in the least. BUT, we had a couple of great rehearsals and I LOVVVVE Dr. Anderson. We played some obnoxious games and had a rad time. Oh and remember how me and Curtis jammed to the song from Juno..only we made up our own lyrics AND we sang for an hour? Cause i do. (and dont worry because im pretty sure everyone hates us for singing it FOR-EV.) And how about when none of us could poop or some of the Amazing choir sound produced Saturday morning? HOW BOUT IT?? Q: Concert choir? I thought you were in Chamber? A: ok hi traveler/ devil (i still feel taunted by this question asker..)i am in both chamber and concert choir at ISU and i feel fabulous about it but p.s. Where have you been? there have not been questions in like 10 of my last blogs. wth? Q/A:Listen here. I have been busy.

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  1. You freaking crack me up with your Q's and A's! Also, I wish I were as talented as you! You have a beautiful voice! Goood luck with your invitational on the 10th!