01 August 2012

To Roni

today is my oldest friend's birthday.
we met in kindergarten, before we knew it was not okay to wear a dress AND sit with your legs open.

we made it through the drama of throwing up at eachother's houses and discovering you have chicken pox at a sleepover.

our friendship survived a 4 hour journey after years of being one minute away.

we stayed friends through our silly teen years as we morphed into who we were becoming.

and now, we've been friends for 18 years; 14 of those from afar.

she's basically family..
she's my oldest friend.
let's be honest though, that girl and i will be friends forever:
she's one of the only people i still CALL on their birthday.
and i dont need a calendar or facebook reminder.
I ALWAYS remember.

Love you lady!

1 comment:

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