18 July 2012

i lied. we do have a life. sort of.

I must have lied when i said nothing much has been happening.
I was thinking about that statement last night & plenty has been happeneing.

I just havent felt like putting any of it here.


so here's what's been going on.

we made a couple of interesting purchases:
Lagoon season passes
a not so new, but new to us, slutty as fuh car named Brooke.
{alan drives her}

I got officially hired as a seamstress at the ISU costume shop.
This is for pay, ya'll.
i suppose we're all pretty shocked about that.

I started swimming with an adult practice team in the mornings.
It's my new favorite way to excersize.
I hated it at first, but i've improved and now its a party.
Okay... and flip turns are really the best part.

I auditioned for a new show.
Got in.
It has incredible music.

I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow
.... for probably the 80th time this summer.
But i'm actually getting work done which, if you know me..
makes me nervous.
We spent forever searching for the right guy for the job.
And the day has arrived.
glad i'll be sedated.

We got ourselves hooked to vampire diaries.
I guess it seems pathetic the way i love TV.
But that show is so great.
Any other vampy creeps out there?

All in the details, i suppose.
at least now we know i dont just sit on my butt all day.
just, like, 50% of it.


  1. Vamp diaries=my favorite! And congrats on rent! I want to come see you! Also teach me your sewing skills my lady!! And last but not least I used way too many exclamation points in this paragraphs. Yuck.

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