15 June 2012

reasons i do not bake.

I have a bone to pick.

My lovely husband is celebrating 25 years of life tomorrow.
naturally, i looked and looked for a fun cake to make.
everything was too complex, expensive or gross {earl grey cupcakes..woof}
i recalled a fun tye dye cake i'd stumbled upon last summer and decided on that.
pretty simple, no?

actually no.
not that simple for me.

mine turned out like this.

I consider myself a little more human than most people.
meaning that my mistakes are large and more frequent than that of the average person.

but good hell.

looks like i'll be making some last minute cupcakes for our barbeque tomorrow.

love it.

1 comment:

  1. Ma are you joking me?! That cake looks bomb! I could never bake like that...!