13 June 2012


So, this opens friday.

It has been a test of my love for theatre, for sure.
The show has been time consuming, frustrating and has taken a toll on my self image.

Having 3 people play the same part tempts comparison and i feel those weighing me down.
Being the only one who hasnt performed this show at least once before has been frustrating.
This community theatre group is so very political. more so than i thought. Hence, even more frustration and self- doubt.
i'm not one of them.
odd lady out.

I love what i do.
and even a difficult experience on stage is still experience.

I hope i see some of you there.
I feel like i have some tremendous things to overcome.
and we really do have a pretty decent show.

i vow to jump the hurdles and leave my discomfort backstage.

i'll have fun.
and perform the hell out of the narrator.

so with that:

lights up!

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