01 February 2012


5 things that i dont understand and i know they are trendy and try as i might i just dont get the hype or how people enjoy them and is it only because hollywood and bloggers endorses them that people 'pretend' to like them so they look like they're in the loop???? Phew.

1. coconut water

Rhianna is the poster girl for it and about every hollywood starlet is seen leaving the gym with it. I know its a great sport drink, but good hell. It Naaaasty.

2. Quinoa

Lauren Conrad swears by it. I cant pronounce it. All i know is i ended up making a Quinoa salad and i threw that garbage up. I cant even look at it without getting sick. This picture is actively grossing me out. If what they say is true, i'm worse off for not eating this little gem. Fine by me, just don't make me eat it.

3. Essie nail polish

honey. be sensible. this polish chips like a 99% bonbon. Sure, they have totes adorable colors and every big time blogger swears by this stuff, but what chu smokin' ladies? If you feel like spending 8 bucks on nail polish, get yourself some good old fashioned OPI or china glaze. Don't trust a ho.

4. Adele

You'll probably hate me for this....don't get me wrong. She's beautiful and i DO enjoy her songs. They are great. I dont, however enjoy hearing her sing them. The woman had an aneurism on her throat. That means her vocal chords are smacking together so much that they are becoming paralyzed. I know the jazzy sound is her thing, but when she sings, all i can think about is how much it sounds like it hurts.

5. The secret lives we lead on...

Sometimes i am under the impression that i am friends with the most artful, beautiful, skinny, spiritual, perfect friends with glorious homes, beautiful wedding pictures and classy little chillens with trendy legwarmers and headbands. Then i see you people in person and am sorely dissapointed. Why didnt you stick with your no sugar for 3 years and cute little running log you pinned a month ago. Why you still chubby? Why does your house really look like this?
And why arent your walls garnished with adorable things that you hand made all. by. yourself?? How come you dont really wear fun colored skinny jeans? Why arent you as witty as your someecards board would have me think? Disappointed in every last one of you! (i'm clearly being tongue in cheek and if you are legitimately offended, i have a pinterest. Find me. we can compare boards and talk about who has the cutest dream bathroom).

Thats my fab 5 for the week. woot.


  1. Seriously agree with you on all of these however I have not tried the second one which I can no longer remember the name of. Funny story though I tried coconut water at Costco when they were having samples just to see what all the hype was about and I just about spit it right back into the face of the lady who handed me the sample... ugh so gross!!

  2. I freaking love quinoa! :) I usually buy the flour though... gluten free baking = awesome. I'm also a fan of coconut water. But I'm totally with you on Adele, essie and pinterest. I've tried to really care about pinterest. But I just can't get into it... it just seems like "I'm impressionable and need other people's ideas to determine what I like." Instead of asking yourself... or coming up with your own damned bathroom solutions or cute craft ideas.

    Pinterest = death of originality and creativity.

  3. I agree to all of these. Especially number 5 --granted, I am just as guilty. Pinterest has gone so overboard.

  4. Essie Nail polish = CRAP. I gave into the hype and bought two colors, cute as all get out, but the actual polish? Not so much.