29 January 2012

Pictures from the cruise!

We were lucky enough that Homeshield hooked us up for all our hard work this summer and took us on a cruise for free!
We saw Mexico, Honduras and the Cayman Islands on a seven day cruise that was a trip of a lifetime. So much fun. However, being that i dont have internet {still}, i'll give you the condensed version.

sort of.

Dinner with some funny guys. Seriously hilarious the entire time.

This little elephant guy was pretty cute.


best tacos of our life in mexico!

Our cruise ship

I stole a coco!!!!!!!!


He machete'd us some coco's.

A snorkel trip with some of the HS guys.



  1. sooo insanely jealous! it looks like it was a blast! i stumbled upon your blog through a friend. i love your pictures!

  2. Dude. I'm so jealous. I'm more pasty than ever.