12 July 2011

a courtly story

no matter how hard i try to persuade him, alan will never admit that life wants to and will succeed in screwing you.
no matter who you are.
pardon my brash choice of words.

but last week i got him a little closer and i could tell he wanted to admit it.
because life took him to court.


i know how white trash that sounds.
no, he wasnt overdue on his child support check.
no DUI
no trespassing
not even for lighting fireworks illegally. (yeah, they're illegal here. and that is obviously the most plausible in A's case.)
apparently, the city of chesapeake has a problem with soliciting without licensing.
and, although homeshield said they would pay the fine..
it still landed his a in court.

everything went fine by the way.
he was afraid they would issue him community service.
but alas, just a hundred dollar fine.
and we even went and got doughnuts afterward.

its been a few days so i think we can now deem it as funny.



  1. hahaha! nicely written! i'm glad no community service came along with the punishment!! glad everything went {well}...