25 May 2011

Virginia pt. 2: chill.

we chill, its what we do

i lied to you a little. we dont really chill that much. I mean, I do. But Alan's busting his booty on the doors selling.
i went out on the doors with him and what he does is crazy.
i was thinking that I would go out and sell pest control too..but I decided that its crazy.
i'm going to leave sales to him and see if I can work in the office.
or get a job around where we live.
or watch hills reruns.

i've been chilling, but i've acomplished a few things this summer already...
..one of the reasons that i decided to come to virginia was to get some first hand experience in auditions and productions that are non collegiate. Dude, it is so cut throat here. Its all about who you know and not really much about what you're good at. So i got me some real life experience. I'm not a huge fan, but its what i signed up for.

..there's a little trail around our complex that I've been running everyday so i can get away with wearing a bikini to the pool. its fine if you judge me for that.

..i found my senior reciatal dress. you might think its a little premature because i probably wont do it for another year. however, its a matter thats been on my mind since i was a freshman. namely because i refuse to wear something that looks anything like i'm attending prom. i told myself that if i ever found the perfect one, i would snatch it then and there. which i did, in an antique shoppe in norfolk, virginia.

sadly, the picture does it no justice. and its not amazing on the hanger. but on, it is gorgeous. Its all lace with smatterings of sequins. and it fits perfectly. and its like, 70 years old. so i guess you will all need to come to my recital. in a year. ha.

now im going to go back to chilling.
there are some doritos that need my attention.
judge me for that, too:)


  1. im judging you so much right now. especially because you can eat those doritos and bust out a bikini and look like a hottie. its ridiculous really. LOVE the dress STILL. makes my heart just a little happier today remembering you found such a gem.

  2. i'm so jealous that you're back in my home state, an hour south of my hometown! give good ol' VA some love for me!

  3. oh thank you thank you. south of richmond. hayes, VA in gloucester county on the peninsula above norfolk. it's kind of teeny tiny, but how i miss it!