24 May 2011

Virginia pt. 1: where we live

I just finished watching the 3rd season of The O.C. and I have been in dire need of my netflix instant queue..thankfully we got internet today!

It's nice to finally blog again. I've been feeling out of touch, even with my baby Wolfgang who has facebook/ twitter and foursquare apps.

So, Virginia.
Here are some pictures of where we live.

This is our lovely porch. I'm really excited we have one. Seriously. Party.

This is the kitchen. Its great, only..no microwave. We've surprised ourselves though, because we do great without it.

our living room.

Honestly, I havent been taking a lot of pictures. I'll start and continue my virginia blogging saga.
Until then!

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  1. yeah melissa! i found your blog! i love that you live in virginia! you sure keep me more entertained! :) you rock. no really you do.