10 April 2011

President Hinkley said:

"It will all work out. If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future."

I would love to testify to everyone I know that this is true.
I try to keep my blog free of religious controversy because I have alot of respect for my non LDS friends and I dont want to offend, but I want you to all know that I have faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Last week I expressed some concern about our future. I was struggling to decide what to do over the summer. We have the opportunity to move back to Virginia Beach to sell pest control, or stay here and find a career type of job for Al (he's graduating in May). I was thinking that this decision would become more cut and dry the closer we came to May. Never happened.
Basically we had to use our faith and took the necessary steps to figure out what would be best.
I'm so grateful to know where to turn when things become crazy.

With that said, I am stoked{!} to announce that we are moving back to the beach.
Some of our friends will be in the same office and basically, it will be a blast.
Also, there are alot of audition opportunities in Virginia. Tons of Theatres and such. Lots of triathlons and races, too. So..kindof peeing my pants with excitement.

It feels good to have made a descicion. I'm ready to pack now.

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