14 April 2011

My life via twitter

I want to know what it would be like if I updated my twitter like a celebrity.
Or if I wanted you to know what I was up to all the time.
This probably wont happen again. Soak it up.

6:30- Oh hello. Just woke up without an alarm. And I have class at 11. Going to go watch Veronica Mars.
8:00- Veronica Mars first season finale: so so good!
8:30- Moroccan Oil is a miracle. My hair is soft.
9:41- My hair wont do anything. Worst hair day ever. I would love to shave my head. NOW!
10:45- I'm on my way to take my conducting test. Wish me luck.
11:50- TEst went well, but my hair is still cray.
12:00- Who wants a $1 Jamba?!
1:00- There is no food in the house. Grrreat.
1:37- More Veronica MArs....what would I do without Netflix? Maybe get things done?
3:00- Going to OpShop. Then to get my eyelashes filled.
6:00- Eyelashes filled. No longer totally haggard.
6:05- Dreading taking my History test. My French memorization will help me procrastinate...:)
6:45- Pizza for dinner. I'm cheating .
7:15- My husband and father and law are obsessed with Wipeout. I'm ashamed to say I find it funy as well...ha
8:00- History test. 70%. Retake.
8:15- Our apartments in Virginia are amaze. I cant wait for this summer.
9:22- Ok retake went good. I got a 90%. Only one more assignment until I have this general out of my way.
9:00- Holy cow! Alan graduates in like 20 days..or so. yay:)
9:50- Office tonight was funny. We're going to miss Michael.
10:48- I'm tired! But I so dont want to be up early tomorrow. How I met your mother it is.

There it was. I'm a little annoyed with myself now.

10:50- goodnight.

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