06 February 2011

This is literally a text conversation from my life.

A couple of months ago, I had this exact conversation with my sister via text.
It made me pee a little bit while I was receiving the texts, and a little bit even more when I went back and read them again. OMG. Seriously, if you have to pee a little bit, go now. This story will still be here when you get off the pot.

{spellings and mispesllings and word usage have not been tampered with whatsoever. THey just enhance this conversation}

Veronica: hello(: This is Veronica

Me: Sup

Veronica: my life sucks and im afraid im gonna die
because i accidentally took too much tylenol earlier
and apparently its gonna kill me now.
how about you?

Me: Um, how much did you tale
Me: *take

Veronica: I dont even know..
like 2 and then 2 more
but its definately made me high
and it was a total accident
because i forgot i already took some
like 30 mins b

Veronica: efore...and it was at school.
but please dont tell mom and dad.
i am not a druggie.

Me: MMk first of all.
I took like 8 tylenols every day
through every basketball season i was in.
Secondly, you would have to take alot
more tylenol than that to get high.
Your mind is trickingyou.

Veronica: okay..good to know. thanks

Veronica: gotta go bye

Are you peeing?
I really want to be best friends with her.
I already am.

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  1. Hahaha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's paranoid about that! Sister texts convo's are the best!