05 February 2011


My throat is under attack. It's strange,
because i feel fine otherwise.
But it kills!
I'm finally getting some motivation.
For school I mean.
A good thing...
But, careless is more fun;)

Pedicure today?...
Talked me into it.
Time to dye the hair,
dark brown of course.
And I have some fire engine red,
for my blonde...
I cant decide if want to do it.
Stage makeup broke me out.
I'm trying Dr. Bronner's.
It makes my face s m o o t h,
but I havent noticed anything else yet.
I'll let you know if it miraculous.
Desperate Housewife addiction..
On season 4.
Ahh. Love it.
Cuddled up with tea
and My High School Musical blanket...

Saturday is glorious.

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