08 January 2011

scratch that off the bucket list..

Remember this?
I am ready to divulge one of the things I was talking about.

I would also ask you to remember this.
Do you remember how excited it made me?
I do.
I also remember when Eric Whitacre mentioned he would do it again, how busy I was.
There was no way I could add it to my to do list.
But at almost the last minute I decided to just learn the music...{what was I thinking not wanting to do it? It was fun}
And I submitted a video.
And today, that video was counted among 1357 other entries and put into post production.
Thats right, I'm in Eric Whitacres' 2011 Virtual Choir. Performing Sleep.
The song I always miss by a year. I've finally done it!

1 comment:

  1. i'm so excited to see it (hear it)! that is AWESOME! congrats!