08 January 2011

My sisters

Meet Samantha and Veronica. 12 & 15. Two of the funniest people I know.
Veronica plays the guitar and Sammie, who is nicknamed Captain and shall go by that from here forward, plays violin. Let me just say that the Nield girls are quirky, creative and kindof weird. In a fun way.

I only live 45 minutes away from them, but gas ain't cheap. I miss them. They are just so fun.
P.s. the above pictured is them meeting Apolo Ohno. Umm, captain..yeah she's obsessed with him. She made posters about him and hung them in her room after he won his like, 100th race.

The only thing that sucks about them is that I'm so much older than both of them. I would have LOVED to shovel snow in my swim suit back when I could rock one.

Love and miss you, sisters. :)

1 comment:

  1. we alwaqys do weird stuff ... and yes shoveling snow in your swimsuit you would totally do with us so next time we will invite you first(: i miss you lots too! and yeah we definately need to pour yogurt or put spaghetti on moms head while she is sleeping..and we can tell her how squishy her boobs are again too(: (i totally got like a little in trouble for that cuse you know how mom feels about the word boob...haha love love(: vca