14 December 2010

Come forward, stalkers!

I was thinking about it today, and I am kindof a creep.
I mean, I read several people's blogs fairly religiously...and I have no idea who they are.
And I'm not talking about the semi-famous bloggers either.
Just normal people that I think are interesting and funny.
So I ask, if I have any unknown stakers....could we be friends?
I think that would be fun.

bye bye creepers:)


  1. i'm definitely a creeper ... of your blog.

    i love it.

    friends? i think that's a grrreat idea.

  2. Im def a creeper. I follow like 8 million blogs i swear...and of those i know in person? like four. sad day.

  3. I guess creeping is what bloggin is all about. P.s. Jaraka, I added you:)

  4. preeeeetty sure you're kind of dope, so I follow your blog & I know people who know you, so I'm a creep. It's fine.