12 December 2010

365 days

I have friend, yes one.
Read her blog here.{seriously, you'll die..she's so funny}
She took at least one picture for every day, for a year.
And because I am always looking for something to waste my time on, or use to divert my attention away from school work, naturally i was attracted to this project.

{I know you are now grumbling in your mind about my inconsistencies on this blog. I wont deny it....all the more reason for me to try}.

Anyway, I made a button on the right side of my blog to connect to a special picture blog. {yes, I did this while putting off memorizing French. I told you, I love the diversion}
The blog itself is in its very beginning stages, so don't go pressing the button. yet.
I just set it up to see if it would work.

It will be set up and and pretty January 1st, when the 365 days start:)

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha, I don't know if you actually meant to link to my blog or not, but if you did, THANK YOU! You are awesome. Also, Correction: it was my father who has been doing a 365 day photo project on facebook. Not me. There's no way I could ever have that sort of devotion to a single project, though I have a hunch you will do just fine.