19 October 2010


Please understand.
Struggling makes success so sweet.
My semester has been very trying. I risk sounding cliche and obnoxious, but I can feel God challenging me and perhaps changing the course I thought I was on. This has obviously been a struggle for me. This week has been a nice break from the hellacious past half a semester.


I got my Form and Analysis mid-term back. I got an 85%. Form is one of those classes that you'd be tickled pink to get a B in....or even a C. Seriously, its like math-ish.

Also, I performed today. I think it went well.

Cabaret rehearsals are in full swing, and they've been highly enjoyable. Not to mention that things are coming together as far as singing and dancing go.

My sweet love alan mcfalan is going to chicago this weekend. I'm sad to have him gone, but I'm excited for him to go to a coaching clinic somewhere fun...(also I will be having a weekend long party with some of my friends).

Please dont think I am a braggart. I am happy to have some success, and a break from the struggle that life poses daily. Mostly, i'm just thrilled to know that I can do hard things*

*thats what she said.

:) ☮ & ♥

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