27 May 2010


My partner in crime is coming to visit and I couldn't be more excited.
It will be good to be with someone during the day while Alan is out selling APX(1).
And while I do love him, it will be fun to have someone to watch The O.c. with and, of course, act like silly school girls fawning over Adam Brody.

*Alexis and I at my wedding

(1) Persuading people to cash out $50 a month + activation for home security. He is technically not selling anything because he doesn't collect payment at the point of sale.


  1. I seriously haven't been on blogger in the longest time. I missed reading your blogs; so I will now comment on every one. Hope that's ok :)

    I have a sick obsession with the O.C. one time my roommates and I stayed up until 6am just to finish one season, then the next day we rented the entire next season and watched that in a day too. I had to stop that behavior because it was unhealthy. And now my sister has a tv channel that plays the O.C. in order everyday, and I'm hooked again. Ohh that Adam Brody.. :)

  2. Isn't the O.c. so unhealthy??? And i am completely, unhealthily obsesssed. Watching 3rd season as I write because thats what summer is good for. Wasting my life on a series played on SOAP net. LOOOVe it. HA!