21 February 2010

My little choral world

Last semester, Dr. Anderson sat chamber choir down in our last rehearsal of the year and introduced to us, our next project. He presented a set of 5 songs by Morten Lauridsen, with poetry by Robert Graves.
And I was overwhelmed.
And I didn't love the music. or the poetry. I will be honest about that. I wasn't stoked to learn the music, which looked hard (little did I know, it was incredibly hard) and I was feeling a little pessimistic about the whole thing. at least at first.
And the set of 5 songs, did kick my butt. I learned almost the whole thing intervallically, which I must say, is a huge feat. We have worked our butts of in quartets, sing tests and individual part learning.We performed the set on Friday, and it went really reallly well. Chamber choir really looked into this incredible poetry, dissected it, felt it out and finally I feel like this choir has a connection that I feel like has been missing this year.

I just hafta say that this kinda made me feel a little bit better. (i've been feeling sickish and kindof...blahish)

So like, I feel like I can probably be proud of myself.

oh and p.s. I arranged my first song on Thursday and ok...its a little bit exciting as well:)

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