26 February 2010


I miss you a lot, Alexis. Like, everyday, Alexis. Even though I got married, we are still besties, Alexis. Also, I miss bedroom # 5 a little bit. But thats beside the point. I miss doing laundry together. And tanning, Alexis. I miss that. And how about breakfast burritos every Saturday. With real bacon, Alexis. I miss that time we went to Fred Meyer and spent like, all of our money on stupid stufff. I miss watching Kardashians, Alexis. And House. And Bones. And Juno. I watch Juno everyday, Alexis. I miss Hamburger Helper night. I miss watching the season turn from Winter to spring. I love that feeling and it was fun with you last year, Alexis. It rained and we went to Ross Park Drive Inn.
This is starting to sound like a creepy love letter, Alexis. But I do love you (not like that sickie)...so just saying, Alexis: I love and miss you!!

*photo courtesy of Alexis' computer.

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