16 January 2010

Random bits of of my life

So like, I've been married for 2 weeks today..its been a good 2 weeks:)
Unfortunately, I dont have any good wedding pictures yet.
Photographer said it would probably be 4- 6 weeks before i get anything to post...so peeps need to develop patience. Ha!

p.s. Schoool started and let me just say that it is so so super rough this semester. Being married is so great but school makes my life kindof..ill. I think i need to make a list of things that make me happy about this semester so I am not upset by the next 5 months.

  • I am starting a vocal studio! I only have one student, but i am charging $15 dollars for a 30-45 minute lesson..just saying.
  • After this semester, I will be done with music generals. No more theory, aural skills or piano. Thank you veryyyyy much.
  • Me and alan are starting to swim again 3 times a week. I definately need the break from the music.
  • And back to the music cause in concert choir we are singing some rad music: Three country folk songs..All that Hath Life and Breath Praise Ye the Lord etc. So good.
ANYWAY..I'll try and get my bridals up here sometime soon because i do have those.

Have a nice life Blogger-panties!

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